Controlling the power with a Liquid Resistance Starter (LRS)

LRS - liquid resistance starter

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When you’re in the business of operating demanding industrial machinery, optimum starting torque and low starting current are often required, as is precise control so as not to stress the mechanical components of the unit.

A perfect solution for critical project applications in a variety of industries including mining, quarries, cement, crushing plants and water is CSE Uniserve’s Unistarter Liquid Resistance Starter (LRS).

Australian Made, the CSE Uniserve LRS offers simplicity, reliability, minimal maintenance and with the extremely robust, fully stainless steel construction, has proven reliable in the most extreme environments.

What do Unistarter Liquid Resistance Starters offer?

The torque and current versus speed characteristics of a wound rotor motor can be altered and controlled through the addition of resistance to the rotor circuit when starting.  Smooth operation provides less wear and stresses on mechanical equipment.

The EPMA Series Unistarter LRS provides optimal performance and is suitable for the most demanding starting and speed control applications up to 20MW.  These Australian Made, fully stainless-steel motor starters have an extremely long life and guaranteed performance.  For proven reliability, even in the most demanding conditions and applications, a Unistarter LRS includes is offered with local and international service and support packages

The CSE Uniserve Unistarter EMS Series Liquid Resistance Starter (LRS) is suitable for starting motors up to 2,500kW and offers the same Australian Made quality at a lower cost. When optimum starting torque and low starting current is a requirement, the EMS Liquid Resistance Starter is the obvious choice for longevity, service and support for years to come.

What are the advantages of using a CSE Uniserve Unistarter LRS?

The CSE Uniserve Unistarter LRS has a number of exclusive features and offers significant advantages, including:

  • Australian Made, manufactured and fully supported 24/7
  • Full stainless-steel construction
  • Motors up to 20MW
  • Fixed or variable speed operation and starting torque profiling
  • Smooth, progressive acceleration and deceleration
  • VSD controlled electrode drive motor
  • Supplied with full factory testing and support packages

CSE Uniserve also offers a complete range of services to ensure the successful application, installation, commissioning and maintenance of these very reliable and well-regarded MV Motor Starters.

To discuss how the CSE Uniserve Liquid Resistance Starter (LRS) can benefit your operations, contact CSE Uniserve on 1800 987 616.