In partnership with Siemens, CSE Uniserve provides world leading solutions for fast and reliable communications in harsh environments as well as associated design, implementation and support services.

Rugged Hardware platforms for Cyber Security solutions

The RUGGEDCOM RX1500 family

With VPN and firewall capabilities, these integrated switches and routers ensure data security at the Local Area Network (LAN) level through use of passwords, PKI authentication and strong encryption algorithms. They are typically used as the main point of entry between the LAN and the WAN – forming a secure gateway to your industrial control system.

One box, infinite possibilities – the RUGGEDCOM APE1808

The RUGGEDCOM cybersecurity approach hinges on the RUGGEDCOM APE1808: a powerful application hosting platform that is a line module for the RUGGEDCOM Multi-Service Platform family of switches/routers.

This allows it to integrate easily into your current infrastructure with minimal disruption. Its standards-based platform offers access to any leading, third-party cybersecurity software. So, you are free to choose solutions that are just right for you and which meet the evolving threats and regulations in your country or region.

Certified Cyber Security software solutions

RUGGEDCOM CROSSBOW Secure Access Management

An enterprise-level secure access management solution for cybersecurity compliance. It assists with NERC CIP (North American Electric Reliability
Corporation Critical Infrastructure Protection) and IEC 62443 compliant access to Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs), and includes managing,
securing and reporting on secure access.

In addition to secure access, CROSSBOW automates device password management, configuration management, firmware version monitoring,
remote connectivity verification, and data file retrieval – enhancing productivity for administrators and users alike.

SINEC NMS Network Management System

A scalable network management system for the digital enterprise. It offers realtime monitoring, 24/7 visibility of the entire network, and the easy configuration of RUGGEDCOM devices. It is equipped with security features for logging, reports security events to a central server or a SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) system, and facilitates policy-based firewall configurations of network devices. SINEC NMS Operations can be deployed on the APE1808 for network management
at a remote site with hundreds of network assets.

Next-Generation Firewall & Intrusion Prevention System

The RUGGEDCOM switching and routing platform combined with a NGFW application on a single, integrated appliance provides application-layer visibility into protocols and vulnerabilities specific to OT environments.

Designed for maximum throughput without degrading or compromising network performance: NGFWs ensure high availability for converged OT/IT networks.

Intrusion Detection System & Deep Packet Inspection

Non-intrusive, anomaly-based and signatureless IDS software for mission-critical operational networks, operating on RUGGEDCOM hardware, provides early warning notification and alerts on vulnerabilities and sophisticated cyber threats that may be undetectable by conventional IT
security tools.

DPI functionality for OT protocols like Modbus and DNP3 non-intrusively examines data packets passing through firewalls. It searches
for potential non-compliant traffic, viruses, spam and intrusions together with user-defined criteria to determine whether the data packet may pass or should be routed to a different destination for further analysis and mitigation

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