Upgrade and Repair Examples – the benefits of harnessing service and support

With over 40 years’ experience in electrical engineering solutions for heavy industry, we are acutely aware that our customers need our products to be robust, reliable and long-lasting. We also know that our products work hard – often running 24/7 a day and working in remote or harsh environments – and that downtime is often a dirty word when it comes to mining, utility and heavy industry operations.

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Whilst many may not consider it glamourous work, we wanted to quickly showcase a few of the recent upgrades and rebuilds carried out by our Technical Services team which demonstrate just some of the ways we can work to maximise product lifetimes and minimise operational downtimes.

Enhancing the longevity of our Australian-made Liquid Resistance Starters

Recently CSE Uniserve has worked with our customers in the mining sector across Australia to upgrade their existing long-standing, Australia-made Liquid Resistance Starter (LRS) units. A number of these units have been installed and in operation for over two decades!

Given the age of the units, we identified some major components had reached their end-of-life cycle and part obsolescence. This is a natural occurrence when machines run constantly, for such a long period of time and being able to identify, repair and upgrade these units effectively can ensure they run for many more decades to come.

To eliminate unexpected, long downtimes on critical mill and crushing applications due to the service requirements – resulting in a loss of production and revenue – CSE Uniserve provided engineered solutions for correct part specification and onsite busbar modifications. We were also able to provide turnkey upgrades to hand back the LRS units ready for operation.

Below are some examples of these finished projects.

750kW Crusher LRS – Installed and operational for 14 years

750kW Crusher LRS Upgrade

6500kW Ball Mill LRS – Installed and operational for 20 years

6500kW Ball Mill LRS Upgrade

935kW Vertimill LRS – Installed and operational for 23 years

935kW Vertimill LRS upgrade

Providing quick turnarounds for Seoho 1,000V Variable Speed Drive repairs

A CSE Uniserve coal mine customer recently required a rebuild of a Seoho 1,000V 630kW Variable Speed Drive (VSD). This hard-working VSD had been in operation for several years the running the Pit Dewatering Pumps for their operation.

With our workshops carrying a comprehensive range of critical spares, we were able to diagnose and offer a quick turnaround time which meant the customer was back up and going in no time at all.

The image below features some quick shots of the rebuild as it progressed in our Sydney workshop.


Our team specialise in service and support for industry-leading Fuji, Solcon, and Seoho products, as well as our Australian-made LRS units.

Contact us to discuss how we can optimise the performance and extend the life of your equipment today.

You can also download a copy of our Technical Services Capability Statement to find out more about our full-service offering.

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