In partnership with Janitza, CSE Uniserve provides world leading solutions for energy data management, power quality and residual current monitoring as well as associated design, implementation and support services.


Certified Class A Power Quality Analyser encompassing the latest measurement technology for high-level analysis of harmonics, flicker, and short-term interruptions. The vast range of measured values, functions, and display methods, makes this meter the pinnacle in its class. In-conjunction with residual current monitoring, COMTRADE generation, integrated Web homepage, Jasic programming (PLC functionality), its well suited to the monitoring of power quality in accordance with stringent Energy & Power Quality Standards – EN 50160, IEEE519 and EN 61000-2-4.

Main Features include:

  • Class A Certified Power Quality Analyser
  • 256 MB memory for data retention + Battery backup
  • Residual Current Monitoring (RCM) measurements
  • COMTRADE file generation
  • Onboard Web Server inc. integrated Watchdog function
  • Downloadable Apps for extendable Capabilities
  • Comprehensive Communication & Connection Possibilities
  • Built-in Ethernet-Modbus Gateway


Powerful Network Analyser with colour-graphic display. Comprehensive logging versatility, residual current monitoring, and broad range of protocols for simple incorporation into existing communication architectures. This network Analyser measures with an accuracy Class of 0.2S.

Main Features include:

  • High Quality measurement with 20kHz sampling per channel
  • Harmonics analysis up to 63rd
  • Acquisition of short-term interruptions and transients
  • Display of waveforms (current and voltage)
  • Unbalance measurements & Vector diagram
  • Residual Current Monitoring
  • 256 MB memory and 32MB SDRAM + Battery backup
  • RS485 + Ethernet communications with Modbus Gateway Function
  • Inclusive thermistor input and two digital inputs/outputs

Branch Feeder Series

UMG 801 + Modules

The All-in-One Expandable Power Quality Analyser with CT inputs up to 88, and 4 Multifunction Channels for Temperature Measurement or RCM, the UMG801 is a high-precision, flexible, space-saving metering solution.

Main Features include:

  • High sampling frequency: 1024 samples per cycle – voltage
  • Active Energy Class 0.2 – all channels
  • Voltage up to 127th harmonic and inter-harmonics: THDv and THDi
  • Unbalance, Event and Transient detection
  • Up to 88 Current Measurement channels with 1/5 A inputs
  • 4 Multifunction channels
  • Up to 10 Expandable Current Measurement Modules – 100m apart
  • Extensive data memory with 4GB of storage
  • Two groups with four digital I/O and Analog output

UMG 804

Branch-Circuit Scalable Energy Measurement solution for monitoring up to 96 circuits. Economical solutions for integration of Solid-Core & Split-Core CT inputs, as well as demand management and onboard webserver.

Main Features include:

  • Active Energy Class 0.5
  • 40kHz Sampling rate
  • Core Measurement Values: Phase Current, Voltage, Freq., PF
  • Energy & Power Values: kW, kVar, kVA, kWh, kVarh, kVAh
  • RS485 & Ethernet Modbus interface with onboard Webserver
  • 2 D/I and 2 D/O


Compact Energy & Residual Current Branch-Feeder meter with 20 current measurement channels. 3-Phase/Single-Phase Power Analyser with the capability of measuring an additional 96 circuits using the 20CM CT modules. Up to a total of 116 Channels for Operation and Residual Current measurements.

Main Features include:

  • Up to 116 channels for measuring energy & monitoring residual current
  • 20kHz Sampling per phase
  • Harmonic measurement up to 63rd – THDv & THDi
  • Active Energy Class 1 with 4-quadrant metering
  • RS485 Modbus RTU interface with 2 D/O

96 Series


Extending the 96 series with a wide range of useful functions including a large memory that offers up to 15 years of records thanks to a special compression method. With measurement capabilities including temperature monitoring, power quality analysis and RCM, the 96 PQ-L offers the advanced functions for all applications. All values are displayed on the color-graphic display with a freely selectable home screen. In addition, the UMG 96-PQ-L offers the option of using plug-on modules which extend the range of functions.

Main Features Include:

  • Class 0.2S
  • Harmonic Current up to the 65th
  • 67kHz Sampling Frequency
  • 64Mb memory for up to 15-years retention + Battery backup
  • Graphic Display for Consumption, Oscilloscope, Phasor Diagram, Harmonics
  • RS485 and 3 D/O, 1 A/O, 2 D/I
  • Modular options inc. Ethernet, Temp input, RCM, Neutral input
UMG 96-S2

High Precision Multipurpose Panel-Mount Power Quality meter, suitable for measuring electrical variables and core power quality parameters.

Main Features Include:

  • Active Energy Class 0.5S
  • Sampling Freq. 8kHz with 4-quadrant measurement
  • Harmonics per order up to the 15th
  • Distortion Factor THDv & THDi in %
  • Instantaneous and Mean values. inc. I, V, Hz, kW, kVar, KVA, PF
  • RS485 Modbus and Digital/Pulse Output
UMG 96RM Series

The Feature-packed Multifunctional Power Analyser series. This metering range is a cost-efficient series designed with a multitude of features for high-accuracy measurement, power quality analysis, large data retention, and selectable Low- & High-level communication outputs including a built-in Modbus Gateway.

Main Features Include:

  • Active Energy Class 0.5S
  • Harmonics per order up to the 40th harmonic
  • Distortion factor THDv & THDi
  • Waveform display (UMG 96RM-EL)
  • Up to 256Mb Flash Memory with Battery backup
  • Onboard Webserver (UMG 96RM-E)
  • Optional Interfaces: RS485, Ethernet, Profibus, USB
  • Up to 4 D/I and up to 6 D/O

4-in-1 Modular Power Quality Analyser with Graphical Display. Energy Management, MID, Power Quality and RCM monitoring for complete electrical analysis.

Main Features Include:

  • Active Energy Class 0.2S
  • Harmonics up to 40th
  • Distortion factor THDv and THDi
  • 4Mb Flash Memory
  • Intuitive Colour Graphic Display
  • Modular input for Ethernet, RCM, Temp. measurement, 4th CT input
  • Modbus Gateway

DIN Rail Series


Advanced DIN-Rail Network Analyser with continuous monitoring of Power Quality requirements – EN50160, comprehensive true RMS logging, Neutral Input and a broad range of protocols including a built-in Modbus RS485 to Ethernet Gateway.

Main Features include:

  • Continuous power quality monitoring – e.g. EN 50160
  • Continuous sampling of Voltage & Current at 20kHz
  • Harmonics analysis up to the 63rd
  • Inter-harmonics & Distortion factor – THD-U & THD-I
  • Flicker measurement in accordance with EN 61000-4-15
  • Logging and storage of Transients > 50 μs
  • Recording of short-term interruptions > 20 ms
  • 128Mb memory – 5M datapoints saved values up to 2-years
  • Temperature Measurement Input
  • Onboard Webserver, Graphical programming, and downloadable Janitza Apps

Intelligent Multifunction DIN-Rail Analyser, designed for accurate monitoring of the electrical network. Advanced applications for solar integration, transient recording, peak load optimisation, harmonics analysis, and data-logging.

Main Features Include:

  • Energy Accuracy Class 0.5S
  • Harmonics analysis up to the 40th
  • Short term interruptions from 20 ms
  • Transient recorder > 50 μm
  • 128Mb memory – 5 million datapoints saved values up to 2-years
  • RS485, Ethernet, 2 D/I and 2 D/O and Temperature Measurement
  • Ethernet-Modbus Gateway

Ultra-Compact DIN-Rail Power Quality metering device, with clock, battery, and onboard memory. Boasting Energy & Power Quality measurement features, this simple, cost-efficient solution is designed for high-level metering at Distribution Board level.

Main Features Include:

  • Active Energy Class 0.5S
  • Harmonics up to 40th
  • Distortion factor: THDv and THDi
  • 4Mb Memory for data retention
  • 400,000 measurements saved for up to 144 days
  • RS485 Interface
  • Internal Clock and Battery backup

B2X Din-Meters

MID DIN-Rail Energy meters that determine measured values including effective energy, reactive energy, effective power, and reactive power. This range features options for Single Phase & 3-Phase metering as well as Direct-Connect and CT Connect applications.

Main Features Include:

  • Active Energy Class 1
  • 3-conductor and 4-conductor applications
  • 4-quadrant metering with up to 2 tariffs
  • Measured values include Active/Reactive Energy & Power
  • Direct connect to 65A or CT connect
  • RS485 Modbus RTU output and Pulse output options

ProData + FBM Devices

Whether measuring electricity or water, gas, steam or pressure, the ProData datalogger captures and saves all consumption & process data, as well as status messages. Complimenting the datalogger is a range of Fieldbus I/O Modules designed to enhance the total number of inputs on the metering system, for all types of inputs & outputs. These include additional Temperature Sensors inputs, Digital I/O, Analogue I/O and Relay Outputs.

Main Features Include:

  • Ethernet Connectivity – for ProData
  • Ethernet Modbus Gateway – for ProData
  • 32Mb Memory + Battery backup – for ProData
  • Thermistor Inputs – ProData and FBM
  • Pulse Inputs/Outputs – ProData and FBM
  • RS485 Connectivity – ProData and FBM
  • Seamless integration into Pro Meters for Web viewing – ProData and FBM
  • FBM RS485 direct connection into Janitza meters with Gateway

CTs & Metering Accessories

Complimenting the Janitza Metering range is a broad range of Current Transformers for Core, Neutral, Diff. and RCM measurements. The accessories include Voltage Tap-offs, CT Shorting Terminal Blocks, DC Power Supplies, DIN/Panel adaptors.

Main features include:

  • Solid-Core & Split-Core
  • Clip-On CTs and Wrap-around Rogowski Coils
  • Differential & RCM CTs
  • DIN-Rail CTs with Voltage Tap-offs
  • Fused Voltage Tap-offs for Busbar and Electrical Breakers
  • 3-Phase CT Shorting Terminal Block
  • DIN-Rail DC Power Supplies
  • RJ45 Pass-through connectors
  • Converters & Adaptors for DIN and Panel meters

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