In partnership with Siemens, CSE Uniserve provides world leading solutions for fast and reliable communications in harsh environments as well as associated design, implementation and support services. In partnership with GE, we also provide public and private network radio solutions.


Services from CSE Uniserve

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Transmission, Distribution and Generation Sales

Tristan Manager
Sales Manager
[email protected]
0414 373 922

Reuben Pinkster
Business Development Engineer – Generation
[email protected]
0407 200 446

or contact [email protected]

Mining, Transportation and Industrial Sales

Michael D’Costa
Business Development Engineer – VIC/NSW/QLD/ACT/SA/TAS
[email protected]
0481 403 999

David Brown
Business Development Engineer WA
[email protected]
0408 157 078

Joel Ryan
Business Development Engineer WA
[email protected]
0488 913 004

or contact [email protected]

Technical Support

Mathew Del Vecchio
Technology Manager – Automation
[email protected]
0458 273 094

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