Hosted Transformer
Health Monitoring

CSE-Uniserve can provide a complete bundled transformer monitoring solution so that you can get up and running faster. By letting us take care of things, you get:

  • GE Hydran transformer monitor for continuous gas and moisture monitoring
  • GE MDS Orbit Cellular radio for secure remote access without worrying about additional Communications and IT infrastructure
  • GE Perception™ visualisation and analytics software hosted on our Secure Cloud Server
  • Receive email alerts and regular reports to allow you to make decisions about your key assets.

Transforming asset health monitoring services
into actionable data for peace of mind.

Our complete bundled transformer monitoring solution.

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Our complete bundled transformer monitoring solution.
Monitoring and Sensing Remote Access Cloud Based Analysis and Diagnostics Actionable Reports

Monitoring and Sensing

  • Continuous, online transformer monitoring provides advanced warnings of developing faults within your most critical asset.

Remote Access

  • No need for additional IT infrastructure
  • 4G communications for simple access and installation.

Cloud Based Analysis and Diagnostics

  • Secure cloud server collects data and Perception software performs transformer analytics.

Actionable Reports

  • System-generated reports provide a visual representation of the data and highlight areas requiring attention
  • Develop strategies to allow your operations run safely, reliably and efficiently.

Key Benefits

Safety & Reliability

  • Reduce risk of catastrophic failure, personnel exposure to unsafe conditions and damage to the environment and property
  • Identify issues early so that lower cost repairs can be performed
  • Avoid long lead times and expense associated with unplanned replacements.

Condition-Based Maintenance

  • Move from schedule-based maintenance to condition-based maintenance
  • Reduce unnecessary site visits by personnel due to remote access to asset data
  • Allow maintenance personnel to focus more on planned activities.

Asset Life Extension

  • Attend to conditions that can have an ageing impact on the transformer
  • End-of-life management so that asset can continue to be used until a replacement solution is available.

Reduce Unplanned Outages

  • Advanced warnings facilities planned activities so that
    maintenance can be carried out in a planned manner
  • Minimise length, cost and consequence of downtime.

Informed Decision-Making

  • System-generated alerts, reports and dashboards provide fleet management, maintenance and asset management support.

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