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G&W Electric’s Current Limiting Protectors (CLiP®) offer the advantages of current limitation for 2.8 through 38 kV systems with continuous current ratings up to 5000 A. Compact, totally sealed construction permits the CLiP to be installed both indoors and out, either pole or structure mounted or within an enclosure. The CLiP’s unique ability to provide high continuous current ratings with current limitation and ultra-high speed of operation in one package make it an economical solution for a variety of overcurrent protection needs.


The CLiP-LV® is an electronically sensed and triggered, commutating form of current limiter, sometimes referred to generically as an Is-Limiter. A built-in current transformer (CT) provides real time current values to the internal electronics. The CLiP-LV® has a field adjustable instantaneous pickup setting referred to as the trigger level. If the current exceeds the user-defined trigger level, a signal is sent by the firing logic to interrupt the current. A continuous copper busbar path carries the continuous current, which is opened during overcurrent conditions, while a parallel connected current-limiting fuse interrupts the fault. The CLiP-LV®’s unique ability provides high continuous current ratings with current limitation and ultra-high-speed operation in one package. This makes it an economical solution to protect against short-circuit interruptions without having to add new equipment.

Power Assisted Fuse

G&W Electric’s Power Assisted Fuse (PAF®) offers current limiting to systems with continuous current ratings through 630A and up to 38kV. This makes the PAF ideal for applications beyond the ratings of conventional current limiting fuses and for economical alternatives to conventional expulsion, vacuum and SF6 fuses which are not current limiting. The PAF is a commutating form of current limiting device where the continuous current is carried by a continuous copper bus bar path. This path is opened under overcurrent conditions to introduce a parallel mounted current limiting fuse. The PAF can be mounted indoors or out. Metal enclosed PAF fuses are available with enclosures, cable terminations, bus connections, supports and enclosures.

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