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Elspec Sapphire Software

PQSCADA Sapphire is a multi component, vendor free, PQ software. PQSCADA Sapphire integrates data from protection relays, fault recorders, power quality analyzers, smart meters and other data sources into a single data base.

PQSCADA Sapphire reads data from a variety of sources, data formats supported include:

  • COMTRADE: IEEE Std C37.111-1991 | IEEE C37.111-1999
  • PQDIF: Power Quality Data Interchange Format – IEEE Std 1159.3-2002
  • Elspec PQZIP – Continuous waveform recording
  • Elspec PQZ – Continuous waveform recording
  • IEC 61850 MMS

Elspec G5 Digital Fault Recorder and Grid Connect Device

The G5DFR is a multi-functional recorder able to record and store all electrical waveform at any given time, for more than a year, with no gaps in the data. RMS, harmonics and any other values from waveform in post-processing are calculated, including the tabulation of more than 10,000 parameters.

Elspec G4400 Power Quality Analyser

The BlackBox G4400, the best power quality analyzer in the market today, is equipped with the revolutionary PQZIP patent algorithm for continuous waveform recording. This most advanced analyzer enables you to predict, prevent and troubleshoot an incidence easily, without the need to set any trigger or threshold in order to capture a specific event.

Elspec G4500 Portable Power Quality Analyzer

The BlackBox G4500 portable takes power quality analyzers & power monitoring to a whole new level by using the revolutionary PQZIP patent algorithm. The unique algorithm Enables you to measure, store & analyze (continuously) waveform signals regardless their size

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