The CSE Uniserve team out and about

Here at CSE Uniserve, our team is providing electrical engineering services, commissioning, and supporting equipment nationally and internationally every day. And – in today’s environment – providing these services via a combination of on-site and remote methods, depending on the type and location of the project. Below are just a few examples of projects the team has been busy planning, executing and completing over recent months.

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Remote commissioning of a Liquid Resistance Starter (LRS) at a South American Copper Mine

Due to COVID travel restrictions, the CSE Uniserve team recently completed commissioning remotely for a new Unistarter LRS installed at a Copper Mine in Peru.  As commissioning was completed in Peru daytime, our lead technician Peter worked six days of night shifts in a remote support capacity to ensure everything ran smoothly – which it did. The images below show the site and the Ball Mill – rated at 12 Mega Watts total power – running an Australian Made Unistarter EPMA 4 DUO.

Commissioning three new Seoho 1,000V Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) at a Pit Dewatering Pumping Station

One of our Australian-based gold mine clients had three new Seoho 1,000v Variable Speed Drives in our Australian Made Flat Pack cabinets supplied onsite and, upon delivery of the units, the client had them built them into their switchroom.  Our team attended site to ensure the commissioning was faultless.  These three units control 1890 Kilowatts of pumping power.

Seoho 1,000v VSD commissioning for Mains pump station

CSE Uniserve gained specification for a job a few months ago from a client and received an order from a board builder for two Seoho Variable Speed Drives to control 1120 Kilowatts. The board builder built our VSDs into cabinets and our team attended site once they were installed for the commissioning.

Pre-Commissioning 42 Fuji VSDs for a new Plant

Forty-two Fuji MEGA Variable Speed Drives ranging from 0.75kW to 450kW were delivered and our team attended site to perform dry or pre-commissioning.   The idea behind this approach is that everything that can be done prior to wet or ‘real’ commissioning is connected, tested and made ready.  This saves time and reduces (almost all) potential issues when the pressure is on for the real commissioning event. The Fuji MEGA VSDs also carry a 3 year warranty for additional peace of mind.

Replacing a hard-working Variable Speed Drive (VSD)

CSE Uniserve Technician Peter Buchanan was called to a customer site in March to change out a 17-year-old Variable Speed Drive (VSD).  The new unit weighs in at a whopping 330kg, so a forklift was required, as well as some clever maneuvering skills by the site personnel to both move around the site and to get it in place in its cabinet.

Great work by the team and as always, if we can provide advice and support in any way, at any time, please just contact us.