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Single and Multiple Gas Transformer DGA Products

Hydran M2-X

The Hydran M2-X is the next generation of the field-proven family of Hydran DGA monitoring solutions, providing continuous monitoring of gas and moisture levels to alert users of developing faults and minimize the risk of unplanned outages. The M2-X builds on GE’s strong domain expertise to deliver an optimized, low maintenance monitoring device with extended sensor life.

The Hydran M2-X is also available in a UL certified, HazLoc version (part number: M2-X-HZ) for installation on transformers located in hazardous locations designated as Class I, Division 2

The Hydran sensors are available as a traditional Hydran composite gas (H2, CO, C2H2, C2H4) sensor or a discrete Hydrogen only (H2) sensor. In addition, it tracks moisture in oil (reading in %RH and ppm) and is compatible with various transformer oil types (standard mineral insulating oils and newer natural and synthetic ester based fluids).

Transport X2

Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) and moisture measurement of insulating fluids are recognized as the most important tests for condition assessment of fluid-insulated transformers. Every year asset owners deploy field crews to take thousands of fluid samples from transformers as part of periodic health checks and for immediate operational decisions. These samples are sent to off-site laboratories for analysis. The Kelman™ Transport X² is a portable ‘lab in a box’ device. In critical situations, the ability to perform DGA in less than 30 minutes on the spot, empowers asset owners to determine a transformer’s condition and thereby allow operational decisions to be made at the earliest opportunity.

GE was among the first to deliver consumable-free DGA products to the market, and Transport X² represents the next generation of its portable onsite system. GE’s class leading Photo-acoustic spectroscopy (PAS) gas measurement technology, now in its fourth generation, provides laboratory-challenging levels of precision in a calibration free, easy-to-use and hand-carriable product.

DGA 500

The Transfix™ DGA 500 is an on-line monitoring unit that measures five individual dissolved gases and moisture, and provides both on-line monitoring and key exploratory diagnostics. It uses GE’s advanced Photo-acoustic spectroscopy (PAS) technology, made popular due to its accuracy, repeatability and lack of consumable through its bigger brother the Kelman™ Transfix.

The Transfix DGA 500 enables the well known Duval’s triangle DGA diagnostic described in Appendix B of IEC Standard 60599 and integrates seamlessly with Perception to provide not only dashboard and risk information for the transformer monitored but also to compare that transformer’s health with that of other similar assets and showcase its priority as part of the fleet management tool.

DGA 900

The Kelman™ DGA 900 is an 9-gas on-line transformer DGA monitoring unit. Using our 4th generation of advanced photo-acoustic detection technology, the DGA 900 measures all significant fault gases (in ppm) as outlined by international standards as well as moisture in oil (%RH & ppm). The measurement of these gases allows the user to detect and diagnose a complete range of transformer faults.

DGA 900 Plus

The Kelman DGA 900 PLUS is a member of the next generation of multi gas monitors. Built from the DGA 900 platform, the PLUS extends the monitoring capability beyond just DGA.

Knowledge of the condition of transformers is essential for all electrical networks and on-line monitoring of transformers is an increasingly vital component of successful asset management programs. The comprehensive information provided by the Kelman™ DGA 900 PLUS not only allows expensive failures to be avoided but enables asset capabilities to be maximized.

The Kelman DGA 900 PLUS builds on the standard 9 gas DGA and moisture capabilities of the DGA 900 by enabling the addition of extra sensors, electronic cards and firmware algorithms to expand its monitoring capabilities. Bushing monitoring, partial discharge detection, OLTC monitoring, transformer models are amongst the options available to offer an integrated system which delivers a more in-depth picture of the transformer’s overall condition and will monitor the root causes of most transformer failures.

Perception Fleet - Transformer Fleet Risk Management Software System


Transformer Fleet Replacement Strategy

  • Provides a clear strategic view for asset replacement across the entire fleet
  • Tracks the fleet risk index over time to show the improving overall condition of the fleet
  • Allows for flexible and scalable transformer fleet risk management


Condition-Based Maintenance Program

  • Provides the insight required to shift from costly time-based maintenance to cost effective and focused condition-based maintenance
  • Reduces ambiguity and the need to speculate regarding budget requirements
  • Reduces OPEX usage on assets to only as required


Automated Data Analysis

  • Reduces time required to gather, amalgamate, analyze and interpret transformer diagnostic data
  • Provides intelligent algorithms to determine each transformer’s condition, and ranks the transformers in the fleet based on their risks
  • Reduces reliance on transformer expertise that is rapidly being lost

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