In partnership with Janitza, CSE Uniserve provides world leading solutions for energy data management, power quality and residual current monitoring as well as associated design, implementation and support services.

Janitza APPs – Expansions with PRO meters

Adding to the unique features of this extensive range, Janitza has created Apps to enhance the capability of the PRO meters.

Just like Apps for your electronic device – phone, tablet, PC, there are numerous apps to choose from for your Janitza meters. These allow the User to Peak Shave, create a Mini EMS, Monitor to Standards, Measure Humidity & Temperature or simply communicate via email or SNMP traps.

These apps are directly installed on the meter and can be viewed on a PC or mobile device via the meter’s homepage.

The Pro Meter Apps include:

  • Alert Messenger – sending fault messages by email
  • Emax – Peak Load Shaving
  • Mini EMS – Monitoring of up to 16 meters
  • Remote Display
  • EN 50160 Watchdog
  • IEC 61000-2-4 Watchdog
  • FBM Thermistor Interface
  • Humidity & Temperature display
  • GPS Sync
  • Push Service
  • SNMP – trap messaging
  • RCM Analysis

*Note, not all Apps can be implemented on each PRO meter.

Janitza’s Energy Monitoring Software (EMS) – GridVis: Three applications – one software package

World-Class certified ISO 50001 energy management software, Janitza GridVis assists in monitoring all three application areas of Energy Management, Power Quality and Residual Current Monitoring.

The scalable network analysis software, provides technicians & managers with the required data to identify potential energy savings, reduce energy demand, avoid production shutdowns, optimise the utilisation of production resources, and monitor power quality through high-level analysis.

Numerous software functions support the fulfillment of Standards, the preparation of key reports and deep analysis of measured values. This makes the scalable, user-friendly software perfectly suited for developing world Standards – Compliant Energy, Residual Current and Power Quality monitoring systems. Depending on your requirements, three editions of GridVis is available with different functionalities.

Features at a glance:

  • Graphic User Interface (topological view) for visualising real-time data and messages
  • Graphical representation of present and historical measurement data
  • Complete Web Visualisation with Reporting, Analysis & Export functionality
  • Integrated reports for Energy usage and Power Quality EN 50160, IEEE 519, EN 61000-2-4
  • Comprehensive Alarm Management
  • User Management Security and Active Directory
  • Generic Modbus device integration
  • Minimum, Average and Maximum values displayed in multiple forms
  • Statistical Evaluation of the measurement data
  • Comprehensive export functions (via CSV, PDF, COMTRADE) & customised reports
  • Central database including database management (MySQL, MSSQL, JanitzaDB supported).

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