What to look for in Transformer Monitoring System for DGA

When choosing a transformer monitoring system for Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA), there are numerous brands and systems on offer in the market which can make it difficult to understand the differences and make a selection. A new wave of asset managers has also driven product evolution, and some of the previously less-regarded consideration factors have now emerged as important when it comes to determining the best monitoring solution.

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Dominique Legrand, Senior Product Manager with GE’s Asset Monitoring and Diagnostics business, part of GE Renewable Energy, explores these factors in his “What to Look for in a Transformer DGA Monitor” white paper. CSE Uniserve is the exclusive partner of GE monitoring and diagnostics solutions in Australia, and with “asset optimisation” being the current buzz word in the industry, it is becoming more and more important for operators to make best use of their monitoring approach to reduce risk, extend asset life and save both time and money.

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