The Latest Advancements in Liquid Resistance Starters

CSE Uniserve Unistarter Liquid Resistance Starters (LRS) offer the ultimate quality in starting large slip ring motors. Offering simplicity, reliability and minimal maintenance, Unistarter units provide a perfect solution for critical project applications such as milling, crushing, conveyors and pumps requiring high starting torque and low starting current. Recently, CSE Uniserve have developed two new solutions to support the management and optimal performance of LRS units – Human Machine Interfaces and Rotor Current Monitoring.

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Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs)

To ensure the efficiency of your LRS, CSE Uniserve is now offering a Human Machine Interface (HMI) upgrade option.  This unique application of technology provides your operations and maintenance teams with access to easily understandable, real time operation information for your LRS. Visual graphics provide meaning and context to LRS and application status, while alarm and fault recordings are quickly accessible.

HMI graphic status screens available:

    • LRS operation status
    • Real time signal values
    • Detailed alarm and fault indication
    • Rotor current trending
    • Maintenance intervals.

Rotor Current Monitoring

Monitoring and protection solutions form a key part of the CSE Uniserve solution offering. We are constantly looking for better ways to ensure systems operate to their full potential and those operating them have access to the best available information for decision making and safety management. One new development to support this is our Rotor Current Monitoring solution for LRS and slip ring motor protection, currently being rolled out across the mining sector, but also applicable for utilities, industrials, and a range of other markets. This new upgrade also allows for our newly developed block charge detection control or milling applications.

Benefits of Rotor Current Monitoring:

  • Performance based maintenance strategies
  • Early detection of slip ring and brush failure
  • Block charge detection
  • Monitor real time start performance
  • Real time RMS rotor current values
  • Added LRS, motor and mill protection.

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