New automated configuration and provisioning tool for GE Grid Solutions MDS Devices

New to Australia from GE Grid Solutions and available exclusively from CSE Uniserve, MDS LaunchNET™ is an automated field deployment tool for GE MDS industrial wireless communication devices. The device discovery and configuration solution eliminates manual configuration and human errors during deployment, enabling ‘Zero-Touch’ or ‘One-Touch’ for secure automated provisioning. MDS LaunchNET™ is designed for managing and deploying any number of devices with minimal effort in a fully automated and rapid way.

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Intuitive user interface:
An easy-to-use Graphical User Interface (GUI) that enables management of external interfaces for user authentication using LDAP/Radius and Microsoft PKI for X.509 device certificate enrolment, device inventory database, creation and staging of device configuration templates, and viewing deployment reports.

Zero-touch provisioning driven by device itself which can be done in a secure staging environment over a local network and/or in the field over the field network.

One-touch (In-band or out-of-band):
LaunchNET™ client can either use an existing network infrastructure for accessing the server (out-of-band) or device’s cellular link for devices equipped with 4G/3G/2G modems. No knowledge is required by field technicians, who are only required to enter user authentication credentials in the client software on a computer or tablet. The client provides an electronic report with the results of the provisioning process.

configuration tool

MDS LaunchNET™ is fully integrated with MDS PulseNET™ Enterprise for a complete, seamless network management solution.

Secure your best return on network investment with MDS PulseNET™

Monitoring and managing the health of your network is a critical consideration when designing, purchasing, and deploying equipment for your communications system. Equally important is ensuring that you maximise your network’s ROI by increasing system throughput and uptime, improving the utilisation of networked devices, and supporting the deployment of maintenance resources when problems arise.

MDS PulseNET™ network management software was designed specifically for MDS Industrial Radio communication systems and satisfies the real-time needs of customers who are responsible for managing them. MDS PulseNET™ software is unique, as it requires no customisation to get started – offering true, out-of-the box functionality. With the PulsePAK add-on, support for specific third-party devices allows you to discover, monitor, and take action on your multi-vendor network.

Reduce the cost and complexity of managing your multi-vendor network with new PulsePAK

PulsePAK is a complimentary add-on to PulseNET Enterprise software. PulsePAK enables support for a wide range of third-party devices, allowing you to manage all your network devices in a single easy-to-use application. With PulsePAK you can:

  • Discover, authorise, and monitor third party devices
  • Enable or disable rules, notifications, and configure custom thresholds for several severity levels
  • Auto-schedule collection of radio performance and configuration data, and view data trends over time
  • View, track, and act on any alerts generated.

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