Elspec G5DFR – Exclusive Australian Distributor Agreement

CSE Uniserve is proud to announce the signing of an exclusive Australian Distributor Agreement for the Elspec BlackBox G5DFR.

The BlackBox G5DFR is a fully featured Digital Fault Recorder embedded with PQZIP technology providing continuous waveform recording makes the BlackBox DFR ideal for monitoring, protecting , operating, power quality, synchro phasors and load profiles.
The modular design also allows to expend the system to almost any application in order to offer a cost effective performance.

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With this agreement, CSE Uniserve shows its clear commitment to support and strengthen the G5DFR presence throughout Australia.

Click here for further product information on the Elspec range or on the image below for the G5DFR, or contact us today.

Elspec G5DFR