CSE Uniserve’s Modular Panel System and Unistarter LRS receive Australian Made accreditation

CSE Uniserve is very proud to announce that we have received full accreditation by Australian Made Campaign Limited for our EPMA and EMS Unistarter Liquid Resistance Starters (LRS) as well as our  Modular Panel System (Flat Pannel) as used to house LV Drives by Fuji and Seoho and Solcon Soft Starters.

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CSE Uniserve General Manager, Stuart Walker stated that to have the many hundreds of hours of engineering and consistent improvement that make the Unistarter range unique, recognised in this way is truly appreciated.

The Uniserve team have sold hundreds of Unistarter LRS units across the world into some of the most demanding electrical and physical environments.  Our Stainless Steel construction has long been a significant differentiater in the market but being able to show our customers that we build the units in Australia and so can guarantee support, parts and ongoing service, from right here, can only add to the confidence we offer.


The CSE Uniserve Modular Panel system or Flat Pack as we call it has also been recognised as Australian Made.   The CSE Uniserve Modular Panel Solution was designed here and continues to be built here in Australia to accommodate the weight and transportation of large drive systems.  Our modular system ensures that your drives and filters will arrive on site and be able to be moved into position without damage.  As the whole system is modular, our customers also have the option to assemble onsite where restrictions on lifting or entering closed spaces may hamper a “ready made” solution.

We once shipped panel systems with drives installed overseas to a mine site only to have the whole cabinet dropped from the lifting rig, damaging the top rail and extraction fans.  As the system is truly modular, we were able to ship replacement parts to site immediately, meaning the customer could have the units in operation within a couple of days.” said Martin Adams, Technology Manager for our LV Drives solutions.


Australian Made Certificate CSEU Oct 2019