CSE Uniserve gears up to provide confidence to essential services through challenging times


Unprecedented. Unparalleled. Uncertain. These are all terms featured in high rotation in the world we currently find ourselves in. To take back some control during this challenging time, CSE Uniserve has implemented a range of initiatives for our client base of essential service providers.

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1. Significantly increased stock levels

During March, CSE Uniserve placed a number of significant orders with our major suppliers for stock – the volume ordered is equivalent to 3-4 months of standard requirements.This investment was made without seeking any form of commitment from our customers or contractors.The decision, and multi-million-dollar commitment, will see CSE Uniserve well-placed to satisfy customer needs, even if supply chains break down in the coming weeks and months.

As the stock arrives, CSE Stores Staff will be playing a significant amount of 3D Tetris to fit the largest stock commitment ever made by CSE Uniserve in our 40 years of operation into our Sydney warehouse. Preparations for this are already underway and the stock we have ordered for delivery as a priority includes:

We are also looking to ensure supplies of Stainless Steel and other required parts for our latest Liquid Resistance Starter (LRS) orders.

2. Remote and ongoing field support

Last weekend, our 24/7 service support line received a call from a client in the Philippines. Despite some language difficulties on both sides, we understood the plant had been down for three days as a result of work that had been done on the plant and that they could no longer communicate with the Liquid Resistant Starter (LRS) to start their Mill. The customer was requesting that CSE attend the site to work with the maintenance team in correcting the problem.Given that the travel request could not be granted, we had to do things differently.

Using a combination of remote access directly into the LRS, Team Viewer to see the customer’s new control scheme, and even at one stage, FaceTime to understand better what was being described, Kris Toth from our Technical Services Team was able to successfully restart the plant remotely as well as provide appropriate software so our customer could resume normal production.  And all of this on a Sunday afternoon…

3. Customer Training

We know that our clients have ongoing requirements to train and upskill their staff, and, also stay in close contact with the industry – in particular during these challenging times. With many of clients’ teams now spread widely apart across a site, within a building, or working from home, CSE Uniserve have developed a training solution that not only facilitates great outcomes but also allows for social distancing and the very necessary travel restrictions.

Previously Leonardo Torelli, Filip Ivanovski, and the rest of the Protection team would have visited sites in person or hosted groups in our own Melbourne Lab facilities to deliver training. Now, our team discusses specific training needs with our clients, and using our lab, pre-prepared work, and sharing live demonstrations using tools like Microsoft Teams and Skype, we are able to deliver quality learning despite not being in the same room.

In some cases, as our engineers and trainers have been consulted or asked to contribute to specific solutions, combining the resources and experience of our team with our direct knowledge of the application ensures we offer training that is not only targeted to a particular site or solution, but also directly relevant to what the client needs. Having said that, not all the training we have been running is specific to particular installations and our work on Digital Substations is of interest to many right now.

4. Remote commissioning

Our Protection team has also remotely commissioned some new Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU’s) for a key project. Using Microsoft Teams, and some remote desktop access, we successfully shared content and collaborated with our customer to hand over the panels after validating and commissioning.  A total of four people participated online – one in Scotland, one in Adelaide, and two based in Melbourne – and collaborated for a number of hours to provide a seamless handover to the client.

5. Setting up our new testing laboratory

Whilst travel and social distancing has had some impact, progress is still being made on setting up our new Melbourne proving lab.  Operations Manager, Tony Smoljko and Sales Manager, Thor Skullerud have been working on the layout in preparation for things coming back online.  This image shows what has been completed to date and provides a ‘sneak peek’ of how the new facility will serve the needs of our technical teams and our clients in the future.

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