Feeder protection – A new compact, economical and powerful offering

Are you a utility or large-scale industrial operator and need comprehensive current, voltage, power and frequency protection? Looking for a compact, withdrawable design for reduced space applications? Want to minimise your lifecycle environmental impact? Introducing the P40 Agile Enhanced Range of Feeder protection and control solutions from GE.

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The P40 Agile family delivers extensive protection, control and communications capabilities.  Design attention has ensured that performance, sensitivity, customisation and flexibility are delivered in a way that minimises configuration and commissioning effort. Applications for overhead lines, underground cables, busbars, breakers, transformers, reactors and distributed generation are supported, right from distribution (as primary protection) to transmission voltage levels (as back-up).

Key highlights include:

  • Compact design ideal for on-switchgear installation
  • High I/O density – up to 11 inputs / 11 outputs
  • Advanced cyber-security, including AAA, role-based access control and Syslog
  • Single setting file for relay configuration – fast set-up, simple as-installed record, full traceability
  • Sub-cycle response to faults limits arcing energy and the duration of touch/step potential rise
  • Uptime – condition monitoring of the relay and the entire primary equipment bay/cell
  • Monitors renewables – harmonics imposed on the grid with THD measured up to the 21st order
  • Extensive recording – 2048 events, 25 fault records, disturbance recording at 64 samples/cycle
  • Precise fault location aids dispatching of troubleshooting crews.

The P40 Agile Enhanced Range is offered as a Scalable Version well-suited to refurbishment applications where legacy 4U rack relays are removed, or Enhanced Compact Version suited to shallow-depth installations at new sites or as a refurbishment of induction disk IDMT relays. A retrofit option is also available.

Scalable version:

feeder protection and control solution from GE

Enhanced compact version:

View from the back:

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